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Halter Financial Group

Dallas  •  Shanghai
Xiangrui Pharmaceutical International Ltd
China Tourism Company Limited
Fu Jian Yada Group Co., Ltd.
Chile Mining Technologies Inc.
THT Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd.
Sabretooth Energy Ltd.
China Nutrifruit Group, Ltd
Sunset Suits Holdings, Inc.
China Golden Elephant Glass Technology, Inc.
Yuhe International, Inc.
Hong Kong Winalite Group, Inc.
Whitehall Jewelers, Inc.
Athersys, Inc.
American Lorain Corporation
China Gengsheng Minerals, Inc.
Redpoint Bio Corporation
Sutor Technology Group
Ritar International Group, Ltd.
International Stem Cell Corp.
GreenHunter Energy, Inc.
Orion Ethanol, Inc.
Wonder Auto Technology, Inc.
Shengdatech, Inc.
Winner Group Limited
China Pharma Holdings, Inc.
Polymedix, Inc.
Playlogic Entertainment, Inc.
China Agritech
Shenzhen BAK Battery Co., LTD.
Uni-Pixel, Inc.
China Automotive Systems
Tiens BioTech, Inc.
Avatar Systems
Advant-e Corporation
KMG Chemicals, Inc.
DXP Enterprises
Tandy Leather Factory

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