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SEC Accounting

An expertise in SEC and financial accounting is an important requirement in the reverse merger process. Halter Financial Group has a closely knit working arrangement with several international and regional public accounting and financial consulting firms to provide these resources to our clients. Although our clients must have their own independent auditors we generally interact with a client's auditors to gather and present the information required in the reverse merger process. Areas in which we offer our expertise include:

  • Small Business Initiative Guidelines
  • Regulation S-X
  • Regulation S-B
  • Forms 10-Q, 10-K, 8-K, etc.

Why Choose HFG?

Strong Track Record

HFG Transactions*
Wed, 26 Jul 2017 22:43:02 GMT
Symbol Last Change Volume
ALN 1.36 0.00 % 26107
ATHX 2.98 +3.47 % 738945
CAAS 6.69 +0.90 % 24324
CBAK 2.52 +1.20 % 17221
CBPO 82.88 +1.32 % 222351
CHGS 0.04 0.00 % 0
CPHI 0.4162 +1.51 % 209282
DXPE 47.84 +0.80 % 138614
GRH 0.702 -1.13 % 39401
KMG 21.69 -1.41 % 16456
PGJ 28.58 -0.66 % 14033
SUTR 0.75 -6.25 % 51496
TLF 9.00 +1.35 % 4846

*Note: Representative Transactions (partial list)

Deal Direct
We maintain a large inventory of public shells that we control as principals. As we do not act as intermediaries our transactions are conducted on a principal to principal basis.

Most Knowledgeable
We have conducted and participated in seminars on the reverse merger process. We have instructed hundreds of attorneys, CPAs and professionals about the process.

Capital Raising
We have relationships with independent investment banking firms that provide capital for certain APO transactions.

Turnkey Solution
We have the people and experience to handle every aspect of the reverse merger process so you can stay focused on your business.


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